How to look after your ceramic tiled floor

At Carpet and Floor Care we clean, seal and restore many types of hard flooring. All floors will need professional maintenance at some point, but we’ve put together some tips and tricks that you can use in the meantime to keep your tiled floors looking their best for longer.
Is your tile glazed or unglazed?
If it is glazed, you should clean regularly with an all-purpose, non-oil-based household cleaner that’s compatible with cleaning grout joints. Use an everyday multi-purpose spray cleaner to remove soap scum, hard water deposits, and mildew on wall tiles in your bath or shower.

If it is unglazed, you should use concentrated tile cleaners that have a neutral pH for regular cleaning. These will safely remove grease, oils, and normal spills. Just make sure the cleaner is intended for the application, use, and traffic level. Clean glass tile with any non abrasive cleaner recommended for either glass or tile.

Avoiding damage
Different types of tiled floor require different types of care. We can advise you after cleaning and sealing your floors on what the best techniques are to use, but here is some general advice to help you going forward:

Test scouring powders and sealants on a small area before cleaning the full area.
Use a sealer on grout joints shortly after installation and use products compatible with cleaning grout joints.

After cleaning, rinse the entire area with clear water to remove any cleaning solution residue.

If you damage or break a tile, it’s time to give us a call! Some scratches can be buffed out, but if the scratch is down to the white, porous part of the tile it probably needs replacing.

What not use
Cleaners containing acid or bleach shouldn’t be used for routine maintenance and wax-based cleaners and oil-based detergents should be avoided as well. Use sealants on grout joints only, and harsh cleaning aids like steel wool pads or any scouring pads containing metal shouldn’t be used on tile. Finally, unglazed tile should not be cleaned with an agent that contains colour.

Have your tiled floors professionally cleaned and sealed
At Carpet and Floor Care we use the latest equipment and technology and only the safest products. Our many years of experience mean we can identify problem areas quickly, safely deal with them in the most appropriate way and our professional, honest advice leaves you with the confidence to maintain your tiled floors in the future. After we have thoroughly cleaned your floors we will seal them, to keep them protected from future damage for longer. Get in touch today for a free quote!