Carpet Cleaning

We boast an extensive range of unique and efficient cleaning equipment, allowing us to complete contracts in record time, and at lower cost. Services includes: Commercial and Domestic Carpet Cleaning, Dyr Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning and more.

Floor Cleaning

We use the latest equipment, technology and training to deliver impressive professional cleaning of hard flooring like slate tiles and natural slate based floorings. Our services include: Swimming Pool Tile and Grout Cleaning, Vinyl, Slate and Wood Floor Cleaning, Marble Floor Polishing and more.

We  offer a variety of high level cleaning services including: High level window cleaning, High level pressure washing, Debris / leaf removal from guttering and drainage pipes, Ventilation and extraction system cleaning, Kitchen extraction vents cleaning and more.

Why us?

We’ve got the tools

We use the latest specialist cleaning tools, techniques and environmentally friendly chemicals

Highly Skilled Team

Our team of highly skilled cleaners have an in-depth knowledge of all areas of cleaning, as well as the equipment needed to execute it.

Competitive Pricing

We are an experienced, friendly and family-run business, providing a range of professional and unique cleaning services and fantastic value for money

Satisfaction Guarantee

We pride ourselves in the quality of our service and always ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with the work we carry out

Domestic & Commercial

We provide specialist carpet, fabric and floor care services to a wide range of commercial clients and domestic customers

In Depth Knowledge

Our knowledge of cleaning is second to none, and our staff have an in-depth understanding of how to clean your flooring to get the best possible results

What Our Customers Say

I would definitely recommend this company for carpet cleaning. They were quick, polite and the carpet came up sparkling clean. Thanks for a great job done.
We had Butterworth Cleaning Services to clean 2 office carpets. It made our carpets look brand new and completely refreshed the main tread areas that had experienced heavy footfall. The benefit of the dry clean system meant we could continue without closing the office. An instant friendly solution. Thanks
I cannot recommend them highly enough. We bought our house and the carpets were a little on the “tired” side, however, instead of replacing the carpets we decided to get them professionally cleaned. It was well worth it, the carpets look, and feel, like new. I will definitely use Butterworth Cleaning Services Ltd again, they are a friendly, dedicated and professional organisation.


We use some of the best chemical solutions available to our industry. Most of our chemicals are chosen for their effecitveness whilst keeping environtmental concerns in mind. If you require eco friendly cleaning we can offer this service to you.

Yes. Please get in touch for more information about the deep cleaning process we use and our prices.

This depends on lots of factors such as the density of the carpets being cleaned, the ambient temperature and air humidity, and air flow throughout the premises.

We will recommend several ways to speed up the final drying stage, but with the heating on and some windows open, most of our customer’s carpets are usually dry within 30 minutes. If for any reason we anticipate the drying process to take slightly linger (in unheated or unventilated rooms) we will speed up the drying process with high powered fans and air movers.

We always work as thoroughly and quickly as possible. It is difficult to say exactly how long it will take to clean a specific floor without knowing the size of the area to be treated. Many Marble floors in domestic settings can be treated in a day, larger buildings can take a little longer.

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